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We are experts in block paving cleaning, we have the most up-to-date equipment to clean any residential area. We can totally remove all stubborn stains like weeds, moss and algae.

We have stopped using jet washers and now use the most modern no mess type of equipment which performs and leaves no areas untouched.

With our type of equipment we have managed to enhance and grow our business into one of the leading companies in Shropshire. Take the hassle out of it and let the professionals do it.


Welcome to our driveway & patio cleaning page, this will illustrate how we can achieve the outstanding results in cleaning heavy moss, algae and mildew off all types of stone inc, Block Paving, Slabs, Tarmac, Concrete and Brick Work.

Those of you who have these types of surfaces around your homes know how they can become very dirty looking in just a small period of time.

This is where we come in, we can keep your areas looking good all year round. Please read on.


We can offer a one off or a contractual service to Businesses/Landlords or Residential properties. We specialise in Ground Clearance, Strimming, Rotavating, Hedge Cutting and Leaf Collecting.

We can work to your exacting specification or create a solution tailor-made to your requirements.

we're proud to have the opportunity to work with other professionals and constantly meet demanding specifications through our determination to achieve nothing but the best.


We use the most up to date equipment that is on the market today to achieve our excellent results. Those who have spent hours using jet washers from DIY stores know how hard and messy this job can be. Not only do jet washers make a mess but can also be a damaging tool to block paving surfaces. Over time and constant jet washing the blocks start to look old and faded makng the overall appearance look dull and lifeless.

We use a different method to this. We operate a clean as we go method. Our equipment consists of 3 vital tools one being a robust rotary cleaner with a vacuum attachment. Two a separator unit to catch the debris to prevent drain bloackages and Three a very high powered industrial vacuum cleaner with a pump out device to a road drain. Only water is allowed to go down drains and all solids are taken away for you. With the help of this equipment it enables us to clean any area fast and efficiently with no mess to our customers. This type of equipment is known as a non directional impact as with a jetwash system the water jet spray is known as direct impact system.

Our equipment allows us to suck up 90% of dirt debris as we go causing less splashing on wall, gardens etc. We can supply our own water and electricity if supply is not available at location.